Connect Your Home to the Rest of the World

Schedule a satellite internet installation in River Falls or Hudson, WI

Let's face it - choosing your internet access type can feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to. Hoff Satellite & Cellular Solutions offers satellite internet installation services in River Falls, Hudson, WI and the surrounding areas.

Satellite is accesible everywhere, with up to 50 mbps download speeds in most areas. Get an affordable, high-speed connection and a professional installation. To learn more about satellite internet, get in touch with our team right away. We are an authorized Vistat dealer.

*Satellite services come with a 2 year contract, latency around 600-700 milliseconds, and a credit check.

3 ways to increase your internet speed

If your satellite internet has been lagging lately, you're probably feeling frustrated. Thankfully, increasing your internet speed doesn't have to be difficult. Try to:

  • Reset your router once a month
  • Place your router in a centralized location in your home
  • Use an ethernet cable for your TV and gaming consoles instead of Wi-Fi
Still suffering with a poor internet connection? It may be time to switch providers. Discuss your options with our satellite internet installation company today.