Exploring Wireless Internet Solutions?

Ask about our internet installation services in River Falls & Hudson, WI - No Contract!

Did your Wi-Fi go out during a video meeting-again? It's far from the first time you've lost internet in the middle of something. If you're looking for a better option in River Falls, WI, invest in internet installation services from Hoff Satellite & Cellular Solutions.

We're the only local internet company that allows you to try it before you buy it. Call us at 715-350-2608 now to arrange for a free trial.

Options for your home or business

We provide internet installation services for fair prices starting at $279.99. We also offer fixed wireless internet for monthly prices:

  1. $125 for 300 gigabits of data each month
  2. $150 for 400 gigabits
  3. $175 for 500 gigabits
  4. $250 for 600 gigabits
  5. $275 for 700 gigabits
  6. $300 for 800 gigabits
  7. $325 for 900 gigabits

Get Started Today

When you choose Hoff Satellite & Cellular Solutions for your internet access, you won't be locked into a contract. You pay a 1-time installation fee based on the speed you require, and then choose your data package. You can change data amounts to suit your needs at anytime.

Your installation price includes a lifetime-lease of the modem, so service calls are free.

Not sure which plan to begin with? Consult us right away for more information.
Installs are location dependent, the installer has all of the equipment on hand to suit your particular needs based on distance from cellular tower, trees or other obstacles.
*If required, antennas will be an additional cost of $120-250 per antenna
*Monthly prices do not include tax or fees