Prices Starting at $40 A Month

What's your plan when your internet fails?

Whether you are using cable, DSL, or satellite internet, your primary connection is always at risk. Things like weather, natural disasters, a surge in usage in your area can disrupt or disable your internet connection.

Today, with even more people depending on their home internet for work and school, internet failure can disrupt so much more than just casual browsing.

You have options with a 4G LTE Failover

A 4G LTE failover keeps you connected- don't miss a Zoom meeting or a virtual class due to internet failure again.

Having a 4G LTE internet failover means you stay connected, no matter what kind of issues others are dealing with in your area. The moment your router stops detecting a cable connection, it connects to 4G LTE bringing you back online immediately.

4G LTE failover systems are easy to install- no complicated setup required.

4G LTE is one of the most widely available internet options on the market, partnering with multiple cellular carriers for coverage almost anywhere in the United States.

4G LTE is wireless, which means that the connection outages seen from weather and accidents will not be a hinderance to your system.

A Better Plan For Your Business

With packages starting at $40 a month, backup internet is accessible to everyone in every industry.

Restaurants, retail shops, medical and dental offices all rely on their internet to function: but what happens when your internet fails?

An internet outage is a business owners worst nightmare. Customers are unhappy, profits slow and daily operations come to a full stop. Something as simple as processing a credit card becomes impossible when your internet fails.

Don't let your business be jeopardized because you don't have a backup plan. Your reputation and revenue should be protected from any disruptions to your internet service. Contact us today to get backup internet for your business!